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The choice of music is key to the success of your party

Girl singing & dancing at party

'Kev helped make our wedding an unforgettable day!
The tunes were fantastic! There were some very varied and eclectic tastes in the room that night and they weren’t disappointed with the choice of songs. Kev captured the mood amazingly well, and for that my wife and I are very grateful!
All Tomorrow’s Parties, when you positively have to get everyone dancing in the room, accept no substitutes!!
Big thanks to you Kev.'  Koran Darrigan, Boston

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 - At every disco, I always tailor the music and the night to your specific needs and wishes.

 - For instance, do you like a particular era or style of music, or want a theme for the evening?

 - Are there songs that have a special significance for you and your guests?

 - Are there any songs or styles of music that you don't want played?

 - Do you want the usual party songs, or should they be avoided like the plague?

 - Or would you rather have minimal input into the choice of music?

I have an extensive music library and can play an extremely wide range of music, including Modern Chart & Dance, RnB, 00s Classics, 90s Dance & Indie, 80s Chart & Alternative, along with 70s & 60s Classics, Motown & Northern Soul, Rock’n’Roll, Disco, Soul & Funk, Classic, Heavy & Modern Rock, Punk & Indie, Jazz, Easy Listening, and Ska & Reggae.

On the night of the party I am always open to requests - unless you stipulate otherwise.

I tailor my microphone technique to what you want - whether chatty and interacting with your guests, or being more restrained and letting the music speak for itself.

While providing the right volume of music for the dance floor, I maintain it a a level so that conversation is possible in other parts of the room. If you want it louder - no problem.

Although I don't provide karaoke, if you or your guests wish to sing, feel free to use the radio microphone.

If you also have other entertainment as well as the disco, I have a lot of experience working with bands and singers, and make sure to liaise with them, and that we don't play the same songs.

I can also arrive earlier and provide background music - for when your guests arrive or during a meal - creating the right mood with music that is, for instance, modern and laid-back, classical, jazz-based, ambient, or a compilation of some of your favourite songs.

For some great footage of my work, please see the Party DJ Videos

For more photographs, please visit the DJ Gallery

For Reviews of my work, please see the DJ Testimonials

If there is anything else you would like to know about the DJ service I provide, and for a free quote, please feel free to contact me - I look forward to hearing from you.

DJ styles

The Disco

Young bridesmaid dancing at reception

'What a great party. Kevin of All Tomorrow's Parties truly knows his music, how to mix styles, and what to play and when, keeping everybody happy - and that includes me! Many thanks' Caroline Jarvis, Lincoln

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